St. Brendan’s donates 10% of its operating budget to support outreach activities. Aware that we ourselves have been redeemed, we give priority to God’s mission for a lost world, proclaiming the gospel through our activities in local neighborhoods and internationally to impact financially and spiritually the last, the least and the lost.

We support Christian-based organizations and encourage our members to get involved personally as well as financially so that we can have opportunities to share Christ with those in need.

We believe our work is relational hence have developed bonds of friendship and trust with the churches and Christian organizations we work with over a long period of time. We choose organizations with sound governance.


St. Brendan’s Anglican Church supports the following local ministries:

  • The Light House Mission Ministries reduces homelessness in Bellingham through its many programs. Light House has had the biggest impact in Bellingham on improving the lives of the homeless though feeding, housing and the many other programs it offers.
  • St. Brendan’s makes and drops off meals at the LM Drop in Center as well as volunteering there and the Agape House.

  • The Samish Way Coalition shelters women during cold and severe weather in Bellingham as well as arranging temporary housing for homeless women and families. St. Brendan’s has provided volunteers who have worked at the Cold weather shelter in Bellingham over the past number of years.

  • Whatcom County Pregnancy Clinic has been educating, equipping, and empowering individuals and families facing an unplanned pregnancy for over 25 years.  Cynthia Johnson volunteers at the Clinic and you can contact her to learn how you can participate.

  • Engedi Refuge Ministries offers restorative services for women coming out of trafficking and sexual exploitation. St. Brendan’s has done Pantry drives for them in the past and supported them financially.

  • St. Brendan’s Sandwich Ministry to the Hungry- Parishioners make sandwiches regularly and distribute them to the homeless. 6-8 participate in this ministry monthly.

St. Brendan’s Anglican Church supports the following National and International ministries:

  •  Five Talents transforms lives through economic empowerment, working through Anglican Churches worldwide to train the poor in business skills and the organization and management of church based savings groups.
  • St. Brendan’s has worked with FT for over 12 years and have participated in 6 short term mission trips to East Africa, the Philippines and most recently to Myanmar teaching Biblically based business skills training.
  • St. Brendan’s regularly supports activities, training and initiatives through the Diocese of Cascadia’s Companion Diocese program. There have been numerous trips to Recife and Myanmar by members of St Brendan’s and other churches in the Diocese that have contributed to establishing strong relationships between Recife and Myanmar and the Diocese of Cascadia/St Brendan’s.