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MUY DIFÍCIL is an award winning short docu-film (with English subtitles) by a creative team of five shot in ten days (June 21st-June 30th) on the present day Venezuelan crisis spill over into Colombia. The docu-film uses one main interview (Evelin Niño) foundationally intertwined with five others (Maria, Jessica, Fabio, Roman, and Alfredo) to communicate the current desperation of millions in Venezuela in light of the crisis that currently leaves many in a catastrophic situation of literal famine as they try to now find food, safety, medicine and work to live–with some walking by foot over 200 miles. This docu-film is not a thing of the past but a plea to help those in need, now, as many solutions require people not in the crisis to bring about a redemptive reality for their fellow brothers and sisters of humanity. Take the journey through vibrant cultural and emotional landscapes as you come to understand why everyone in the documentary called the current state of affairs MUY DIFÍCIL.